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Pool heating, automatic swimming pool water treatment, pool cleaners, swimming pool covers, pool safety, pool lighting, including a wide range of above ground pools, saunas and spas. We supply you with any pool supply you need and let you get the most out of your swimming pool.

Europoolshop.com offers you the best swimming pool supplies and guarantees the best deal and quality for all our swimming pool accessories: pool heaters, swimming pool heat pump, swimming pool covers, pool filters, pool pumps, salt water chlorinator and any other swimming pool accessory you need.

Browse our product range and look for help and advice in our online info centre full with useful information and advice. If you however need more information you could always send us an e-mail, fill in one of the info request forms on the website or call us for a professional advice and personalized offer.


Our team is composed of highly qualified and specialized professionals in each of their areas and stands out for its experience in Swimming Pool Heating and Automatic Pool Water Treatment.
We provide our clients with a personalized calculation (available online) to easily choose the best and most economic pool heating solution like an electric pool heater, a heat pump or solar pool heating.

With our pool heating equipment you will enjoy your pool more than ever and extend your swimming season.
By heating your pool you will double or triple its utility. Therefore: NOT HEATING your swimming pool is an expensive choice!

We are sure you find the swimming pool product you need and get even more pleasure out of your pool or start enjoying your free time by adding a spa or above ground pool in your garden.

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