Salt Electrolysis + Ionization BIONET

Pool professionals have known for many years that pool water treatment is not only limited to the addition of chlorine. In order to obtain an acceptable water quality you should also add other chemical products like flocculants, anti-algae and wintering products.

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BIONET salt water chlorinators are not limited only to generate chlorine with a salt electrolysis, besides they incorporate a system of floculación and anti-algae that permits, now finally, to eliminate the chemical products for the swimming pool water treatment. The BIONET contributes a new concept for the processing of your pool, improving the quality of the water, avoiding the manipulation of chemical products and simplifying the maintenance tasks.

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In slightly salty water (between 2 and 30 gr NaCl/ liter) generates hipoclorite automatically for disinfection of water. It incorporates the ionization of Copper and Silver in the same electronic box , the principle of operation is based on the capacity of the copper (Cu++) and the silver (Ag+) as floculant and antibacterial agents that utilized jointly with the saline electrolysis they achieve an integral water processing of chlorination-floculación without chemical products.
Anti legionnaire's disease system.

swimming pool chlorinatorsBIO-16: Electrolysis 16 g/h and 2 electrodes Cu/Ag for pools up to 65 m³
salt water pool chlorinatorBIO-22: Electrolysis 22 g/h and 4 electrodes Cu/Ag for pools up to 110 m³
salt electrolysis for pool water treatmentBIO-33: Electrolysis 33 g/h and 6 electrodes Cu/Ag for pools up to 200 m³
swimming pool chlorinatorsBIO-50: Electrolysis 50 g/h and 8 electrodes Cu/Ag for pools up to 250 m³

Options (both recommended):
• Measurement and control of pH of the water (electromechanical pump + probe)
• Measurement and control of REDOX (Measurement of oxidation of pool water and controls functionality of salt electrolysis)

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