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Pool sand filter

Pool filters

The job of swimming pool filters is to remove the tiny dirt particles that make the water cloudy. Water clarity is important for appearance, hygiene and safety. Pool water filters are the hardest working piece of pool equipment. You'll want a durable swimming pool filter that will remove even the smallest debris and sediments from your water. Swimming pool filters are universal in pool systems, linked to the circulation system along with the swimming pool pump.

Every swimming pool filter has a capacity that lets you know how much water it can circulate. When buying a pool filter it is important to look at their circulation ability by the minute or by the hour. A good basic rule of thumb is to ensure that the swimming pool filter can circulate your pool’s entire water volume in around 6 hours.
The size of your swimming pool pump is another factor to consider when sizing the swimming pool filter. If the swimming pool pump is too large for the swimming pool filter, it can make the pool filter work poorly or even worse and it can damage the swimming pool filter internals. Generally speaking, the slower the water moves through the swimming pool filter the better the quality of filtration, particularly with sand or DE filters.

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