Pool water treatment

Traditionally pool water is treated around the world by adding chemical substances like Chlorine tablets or powder, ph reducing or increasing substances and flocculants. Most of these substances are toxic and hazardous for human health. Chlorine as the main substance you add to your pool is not very stable and vanishes into the air so that you constantly have to add it as tablets or powder. Unfortunately the producers of these tablets have to add conserving substances to avoid that the tablets/powder dissolve in the before the chlorine can ever reach your pool. These conserving substances are extremely toxic as well and unlike the chlorine do not vanish once you add them to your pool. They accumulate in your pool water and become a health risk if you don’t change your pool water once every couple of weeks. The same applies to ph reducing- and increasing substances and flocculants.

Nowadays there are far healthier options to treat your pool water. The advantages are:
1. Healthy clean and germless pool water without chemical substances.
2. Less chlorine smell and better looking, sparkling and extremely transparent looking water.
3. Less or no maintenance of the pool water.
4. Lower cost since you do not have to constantly buy and add chemicals to your pool.

There are three ways of substituting Chlorine tablets:
A) Salt water chlorinators: These devices produce chlorine by splitting up Salt into Chlorine and other substances which convert back into salt after a couple of minutes. As a result you have only salt water in your pool while the chlorine kills all the germs where it is not dangerous for the swimmer (in the pipes of the pump house) and converts back to salt before it enters into the pool again.
B) Ionization: Copper and silver ions are produced, which destroy the cells of algae and bacteria. You have no chemicals in your water at all.
C) Hydrolysis oxidation: Water is split up into Ozone, OH, Peroxide and Oxygen (which are in there pure form very aggressive and kill algae and bacteria) before converting back into pure water when returning back to your pool
D) In the effort of making your pool water as clean and healthy as possible these three principles can be combined:
BIONET devices represent a combination of salt electrolysis and ionization.
AQUASCENIC devices represent a combination of ionization and hydrolysis.
UVSCENIC devices represent a combination of ultraviolet and hydrolysis/salt electrolysis.