SanaPool AQUASCENIC Hydrolysis + Ionization

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In water with low conductivity (from 500 mS) generates OH, Ozone, peroxide and oxygen automatically for the disinfection of the water. It incorporates the ionization of Copper and Silver in the same electronic box, the principle of operation is based on the capacity of the copper (Cu++) and the silver (Ag +) as flocculants and antibacterial agents that utilized jointly with the hydrolysis they achieve an integral water processing of oxidation-flocculation without chemical products.

The AQUASCENIC Hydrolysis could produce disinfectant even without the addition of salt and also works with Magnesium (Magna Pool).
Anti legionnaire's disease system.

hydrolisation swimming pool waterHD-1: Hydrolysis 15A and 2 electrodes Cu/Ag for pools up to 65 m³
swimming pool water treatmentHD-2: Hydrolysis 30A and 4 electrodes Cu/Ag for pools up to 110 m³
swimming pool water treatmentHD-3: Hydrolysis 50A and 6 electrodes Cu/Ag for pools up to 200 m³

Options (both recommended):
• Measurement and control of pH of the water (electromechanical pump + probe)
• Measurement and control of REDOX (Measurement of oxidation of pool water and controls functionality of salt electrolysis)

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The Hydrolysis
The water (H2O) is composed of 2 parts of hydrogen and 1 part of oxygen (H2O). Hydrolysis signifies, etymologycally, disorder by the water. When the electric current passes through the water breaks the chemical link, the negative loads or ions of oxygen emigrate to the positive electrode (anode).Reaction produced is as follows:

Electric power + 2 H2O 2 H2 + O2

In the HYDROLYSIS numerous secondary chemical reactions exist, that also produce ionic species with being able to oxidante and acts as an addittional disinfectant.

Cu / Ag Ionization
Jointly a Cu-Ag IONIZER enormously powers the efficacy of the hydrolysis, permitting that the antibacterial and algicidepower of the Cu-Ag ionization system be completed by the high oxidation rate of the Hydrolysis system, acting jointly in a free and natural cycle without the addition of chemical products.

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