SanaPool HIDRONISER Ionization

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The water purification system by Copper and Silver ionization, reduces the addition of chemical products in pools, cooling towers and sanitary hot water between 40% to 90%.

Its principle of operation is based on a electrolytic process to generate copper and silver ions, loaded positively, which destroy the cells of agencies such as algae and bacteria, loaded negatively, achieving a greater disinfectant capacity.

ionization swimming pool waterAQ-65: Ionization 2 electrodes for pools up to 65 m³
swimming pool water treatmentAQ-110: Ionization 4 electrodes for pools up to 110 m³
hidroniser ionization swimming poolsAQ-150: Ionization 6 electrodes for pools up to 150 m³
ionization swimming pool waterAQ-200: Ionization 8 electrodes for pools up to 200 m³

Options (both recommended):
• Measurement and control of pH of the water (electromechanical pump + probe)
• Measurement and control of REDOX (Measurement of oxidation of pool water and controls functionality of salt electrolysis)

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Powerful flocculants: since the positive load of the generated ions attracts the suspension particles in water, all with negative load.

Powerful antibacterial: The copper attacks and breaks the respiratory enzymes of the algae and bacteria cells, decreasing then the use of oxygen and increasing fermentation. With the combination of the 2 components, Copper and Silver, the disinfectant progression is geometric.

Powerful anti legionnaire's disease: destroys the legionnaire’s Disease and, at the same time, drags the biofilm where this microorganism is used to nesting, avoiding treatment hideaways and opaque zones.

The addition of metals as disinfectants of water seem it comes from the antiquity. The Phoenicians introduced silver currencies in the ceramics and copper amphoras for conservation of water.

In the Middle Ages the mothers knew that giving the food to its children with silver spoons protected them of many illnesses.

Many airlines utilize the silver ions to protect the drinking water in their flights.

In more than 70 countries are added silver ions to the beverages, beers, liquors and wines.

James C.V. 1.971, it reports that all silver salts are bactericides and the silver particles dissolved in water in a concentration of 10-5 is toxic for E. Coli and Baciíllas types.

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