High efficiency and quick response time due to the large active absorption area and the turbulent water flow inside the collector’s unique x-channel system.
Colector solar para calentar piscinas

Calefacción solar

Maximize the Use of Sun Energy with Texsun Solar Collectors: High Efficiency with Unique Technology
Whether you are thinking about installing a new pool or already have one that you would like to get more use of, you will find solar energy is simple, reliable and cost efficient.
The Texsun patented x-channel system optimizes the use of solar radiation. The easy to use system is perfect for heating small above ground pools, larger in ground pools or full scale public baths.

There are many advantages with the Texsun solar heating system. Except the most obvious, such as an extended bathing season and higher pool temperature, the Texsun high technolgy manufactured solar heating system is performance leading in thermal efficiency and heat response time. It is also the most environmentally friendly pool heating alternative.
The X-FLOW solar collectors are made from a reinforced co-polymer material that is light weight, flexible and durable. This UV-resistant material protects against freezing, corrosion and chemical deposits and is therefore suitable for all year round installation.
The light weight system is delivered ready to assemble in mounting cassettes for immediate and easy installation and use. With Texsun solar heating system you will enjoy a pleasant pool summer in your swimming pool, knowing that you have invested in a system with market leading payoff time.

The solar collector area should be a minimum of 50 % of the pool surface in order for the water to reach an enjoyable temperature, depending on geographical location, slope, shading and preferred temperature, in order for the water to reach an enjoyable temperature.

Solar heating kit for small above-ground pools
The El Niño product concept will enhance the bathing experience for owners of small above-ground splasher pools for up to 20 m² (5 m round pool). For larger or more permanent types of above-ground pools we recommend our higher end X-flow solar heating kit.

• Heats the water to a pleasant temperature
• Low weight, simple to use
• Easy to stow away when not used
• No complicated installation - you can use the existing pump
• Economical and environmentally friendly way to heat the pool

A El Niño Kit includes the solar collector unit (2 pcs of solar collectors, total 3.6 m²) and coupling devices to connect the solar collectors to the pool. The only thing needed in addition to the Basic Kit is a few meters of ordinary garden hose. Basic Kit is suitable for pools up to 7 m². For larger pools, the system is easily increased by adding more El Niño solar heating Kits.

Round Pool Size (m) Pool surface No. of ‘El Niño’ Kits
Ø 3 m 7,2 m² 1
Ø 3,5 m 10,8 m² 2
Ø 4 m 14,4 m² 2
Ø 4,5 m 18 m² 3
Ø 5 m 21,6 m² 3
The X-FLOW solar heating kit is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly heating solution specifically developed for larger above ground pools and small in ground swimming pools up to 32 m² (8 x 4 m pool).

The X-FLOW solar heating kit comes attractively packaged, plug-and-play ready for immediate and easy installation and use.The only thing needed in addition to the Basic Kit is a few meters of ordinary garden hose.

Each X-FLOW solar heating kit contains the following:
• X-FLOW solar collectors (4 x 1.8 m², total collector area 7.2 m²)
• By-Pass connection for simple set up and connection to the pools pump (for use with 32-38 mm piping)
• Mounting Clips for quick and easy installation on a wall, fence or roof
• Instruction manual

Round pool size Pool Surface No. of X-FLOW Kits Rectangular pool size Pool surface No. of X-FLOW Kits
ø 3,5 m 9,6 m² 1 2 x 4 m 8 m² 1
ø 4 m 12,5 m² 1 2 x 5 m 10 m² 1
ø 4,5 m 15,9 m² 1-2 3 x 6 m 18 m² 1-2
ø 5 m 19,6 m² 2 3,5 x 6 m 21 m² 2
ø 5,5 m 23,7 m² 2 4 x 7 m 28 m² 2
ø 6 m 28,2 m² 2 4 x 8 m 32 m² 2
a partir de 1.700 €
The X-Flow system is designed for in ground pools of up to 60m². This product includes all circulation equipment, solar collectors and roof mounting frames.
The product is designed for professional installation and offers customers a complete high quality solar system with 10 year guarantee.

The solar collectors are manufactured using our core material (same collectors as X-Flow Kit)
The X solar pool heating is delivered complete and ready for installation. The X-FLOW System includes:
• Solar Collectors certified and tested by Swedens independant testing institure (SP)
• 10 Year Guarantee against UV damage
• Roof mounting frames manufactured using high grade aluminium
• Suitable for use with industry standard pipe sizes.
• Automatic circulation system providing motorised 3-way valves, temperature differential/controller and flow meter, manometer, Bypass and return valves.

We offer the product in 6 size variations up to 27 m² for swimming pools up to 60 m² (12 x 5 m pool). For pools larger than 60 m² we can supply X-Flow system as per specified requests.

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