Solar pool heating 'El Niño'

Solar heating kit for small above-ground pools
The El Niño product concept will enhance the bathing experience for owners of small above-ground splasher pools for up to 20 m² (5 m round pool). For larger or more permanent types of above-ground pools we recommend our higher end X-flow solar heating kit.

• Heats the water to a pleasant temperature
• Low weight, simple to use
• Easy to stow away when not used
• No complicated installation - you can use the existing pump
• Economical and environmentally friendly way to heat the pool

A El Niño Kit includes the solar collector unit (2 pcs of solar collectors, total 3.6 m²) and coupling devices to connect the solar collectors to the pool. The only thing needed in addition to the Basic Kit is a few meters of ordinary garden hose. Basic Kit is suitable for pools up to 7 m². For larger pools, the system is easily increased by adding more El Niño solar heating Kits.

Round Pool Size (m) Pool surface No. of ‘El Niño’ Kits
Ø 3 m 7,2 m² 1
Ø 3,5 m 10,8 m² 2
Ø 4 m 14,4 m² 2
Ø 4,5 m 18 m² 3
Ø 5 m 21,6 m² 3